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Through her study of clutter and organization, Karen gained insight into the myriad reasons behind disorganization, highlighting the necessity for tailored solutions. She recognized the importance of custom solutions in fostering serene home environments conducive to personal growth and fulfillment.

Now, after 12 years of dedication and innovation, Your Organized Friends has cultivated top-tier services designed to assist individuals grappling with disorganization. Whether confronting hoarding disorder or aspiring to achieve Pinterest-worthy homes, our team has effectively supported clients across the spectrum.

Explore if we align with your needs and aspirations. We extend an invitation for you to visit our Media page to delve deeper into our story.

Your Journey Begins Now!!

Embark on a journey to mindful organization with our session designed to transform your living space and mindset, available in the comfort of your home, virtually, or at our welcoming location in St. Albert. This session, a blend of critical thinking and hands-on decluttering, promises a holistic approach to conquering clutter and fostering serenity in your life.

1. Critical Thinking: The First Step to Mindful Organization
We begin with a deep dive into critical thinking, inviting you to question and reassess your relationship with your space and belongings. This is not just about deciding what to keep and what to let go; it's about understanding why we hold onto things and how our physical environment impacts our mental well-being. By cultivating a mindset of intentional living, you'll learn to create a space that truly reflects your values and aspirations. This is an indepth discussion on the road blocks that pertain to you and your space.

2. Confronting Physical Clutter: A Path to Peace and Productivity
With your new perspective, we'll tackle the physical aspects of clutter. This hands-on segment guides you through sorting, organizing, and reimagining your living spaces. Discover the joy of letting go and the freedom that comes from having only what you truly need and love around you. Our practical steps are designed to make decluttering achievable, sustainable, and surprisingly enjoyable for you.  We will look at the methods and techniques that will provide you with the best results  going forward.

3. Creating Sustainable Systems for Ongoing Serenity
The journey doesn't end with a single decluttering session. We'll explore strategies for maintaining your newly organized space, preventing clutter from creeping back into your life. Learn how to establish routines and systems that support your goals for a peaceful and organized home, ensuring that your space continues to serve as a haven of tranquility and inspiration.

Our 3 Step Shift to Conquering Clutter Session aremore than just a guide to decluttering; it's a transformative experience that aligns your physical space with your inner goals. Whether at your home, virtually, or in our St. Albert location, join us to take the first steps on your path to a more organized, mindful, and joyful life.

Our Services


Address your paper clutter challenges through a variety of tailored solutions.

  • Paper Systems: Embrace structured methodologies designed to streamline your physical paperwork, enhancing organization and accessibility.

  • Digital Systems: Leverage cutting-edge digital solutions to minimize physical clutter, securely storing your documents in an easily retrievable format.

  • Hybrid Systems: Combine the best of both worlds with a system that integrates paper and digital methods, optimizing efficiency and convenience.

Transform your workspace with systems that not only organizes but also incorporates effective time management strategies and lean office practices.


Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of organizing your home and unsure where to start?

Embark on the journey with a personalized assessment of your home organization needs, setting the stage for the creation of customized strategies. Whether you choose to implement these plans on your own or prefer the assistance of our skilled team, each step is designed with your unique goals in mind. Our focus is on optimizing your living spaces to ensure your belongings are neatly organized and easily accessible, freeing up your time to focus on life's priorities.

Dive into the transformative experience and acquire the crucial insights needed to elevate your home into a haven of organization and efficiency.

Organized Living Space
Web design studio
An Organized Desk

Decluttering and Downsizing

Belief in decluttering as the cornerstone of any organized and peaceful space guides this service. The decluttering and downsizing offering is crafted to assist in eliminating clutter, paving the way for increased joy and serenity in your life. Specializing in transforming basements, garages, and entire homes into clutter-free environments, this service enables the reclaiming of valuable space. Embrace the opportunity to focus on what truly matters, with a professional touch that ensures a smooth and effective transition to a more organized, spacious living area.

Home Clearing

Home clearing represents a significant and often emotional challenge, particularly in the wake of a loved one's passing. Recognizing the sensitivity of this period, our services are designed to offer compassion and efficiency in equal measure. Specializing in rapid home clearance, the focus is on respectfully handling the possessions of the departed. From facilitating donations and managing sales to overseeing waste disposal, every step is undertaken with utmost care and speed. The ultimate aim is to prepare the home for the market promptly, alleviating some of the logistical burdens during this difficult time. This approach ensures that families can focus more on healing and less on the practicalities of estate management.

Move Assistance

Moving often comes with its share of stresses, but our move assistance service is here to ease the burden. In the whirlwind of daily life, finding the time to sort and organize belongings—while juggling responsibilities like childcare or assisting elderly parents—can seem nearly impossible. That's where we step in. Our team is dedicated to managing every aspect of your move, from the meticulous disposal of unwanted items to the careful packing and unpacking of your treasures. We bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, handling everything in between with precision and care. Allow us to transform your moving experience into a seamless journey, giving you the freedom to focus on what truly matters.

Our Expertise

Over 15 Years of 
Experience As Professional Organizers

  • Award Winning Business

  • Helped 100s of Families

  • Preferred Referral Partners

Trained and Certified 

  • Certified Organization Specialists

  • Trained in working with those with ADHD, Anxiety and Depression  Roadblocks

  • Hoarding Behaviours

Our Methods

  • People First Possessions Second

  • S.P.A.C.E.

  • G.R.A.S.P.

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