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Meet Karen, 

Personal Profile

My name is Karen Murdock  and I have 11 years experience as a Professional Home and Photo Organizer  (owner of Your Organized Friends and Treasured Photo Collections), I have been featured in Alberta Caregivers Magazine,  AHS Apple Magazine and featured on CBC Television and Radio.  I was the 2020 recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year - SuPearlative Awards. I am a Professional Speaker taking the stage in Edmonton at business conferences, senior centres and professional networking events.  I'd be thrilled to help you with your article!

Karen Murdock owner Your Organized Friends

Life Experience

My journey through life has equipped me with a unique set of experiences that deeply inform and enhance my ability to serve my clients with empathy, understanding, and efficiency. Here's how each chapter of my life contributes to my professional approach:

Being Raised in a Chronically Disorganized Home: Growing up in a home where disorganization was the norm taught me firsthand the emotional and physical challenges that come with clutter. This personal experience has given me a profound empathy for those facing similar struggles, allowing me to approach each project with a genuine desire to create meaningful change.

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Featured in the following Media Outlets. Alberta Caregiver, Womanition, CBC TV and Radio, AHS Apple Magazine, and the St. Albert Gazette


Text or Call: 780-996-3583

200 Carnegie Drive, Unit #106

St. Albert, Alberta T8N 5A8


Being a Mother/Stepmother of Five Children in a 1000 sq. ft. Home: Managing a bustling household in a limited space sharpened my skills in devising efficient, space-saving solutions and systems that cater to the needs of a large family. This background is invaluable when helping clients optimize their living environments, ensuring their spaces are functional and harmonious for family life.

Working as an Office Manager in the Funeral/Cemetery Industry for Over 20 Years: My extensive experience in this sensitive field has taught me the importance of organization, preparation, and handling delicate situations with grace. These skills are crucial when assisting clients through significant life changes, be it downsizing, estate clearing, or organizing essential documents, always with a touch of compassion and professionalism.

Moving 12 Times as an Adult: The personal experience of moving frequently has made me exceptionally adept at adjusting to new spaces, decluttering, and efficiently setting up homes. This insight is directly applicable to clients in the midst of moving, downsizing, or rejuvenating their living spaces. I understand the emotional and logistical nuances of moving, making me an invaluable guide for those navigating these transitions.

My life's experiences have not only shaped me but also enriched the services and products I offer, allowing me to connect with clients on a meaningful level. I bring a wealth of practical knowledge and empathetic guidance to each project, committed to transforming spaces and lives through thoughtful organization and management.

Education and Training

Certified Organizing Specialist

Trained Professional Organizer

Certified Photo Organizing Manager

Certified Organization Expert

Certified Executor Advisor

Certified Holistic Life Coach

Certified Stress Management Coach

Trusted Advisor

Paper Tiger Expert

Certificate in Holistic Organizing

Chronic Disorganization

      CD Client Administration

      Basic Hoarding Issues with the CD Client

      Basic ADD Issues with the CD Client

      Aging in Place

      Executor A 

Chronic Disorganization

      CD Client Administration

      Basic Hoarding Issues with the CD Client

      Basic ADD Issues with the CD Client

      Aging in Place

      Executor Advisor

      Cracking the Dementia Code


"APPLE" Magazine - Winter 2017

Womanition Magazine since 2016

Divorce Magazine - 2016 - 2017

Be Fabulous Magazine - March 2018

CBC Radio, CBC Television and Web in 2021/2022

Past Ezine Expert Author

Past Columnist for Alberta Caregiver Magazine

Age Friendly Edmonton Speaker

Edmonton Healthy Aging Series

St. Albert Gazette

ACES Workshops

Global News - Ask The Experts

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Upcoming Events

Professional Affiliations

Professional Photo Managers Association

Professional Organizers in Canada

Institute for Challenging Disorganization

Association of Personal Photo Organizers

Canadian Institute of Certified Executor Advisors

National Association of Specialty and Senior Move Managers

Member of the Edmonton Hoarding Coalition

Member of the Photo Managers Association Advisory Board


Volunteer and Entrepreneur Supporter

President - Alberta Sharing Closet Society

Secretary - North Edmonton Business Association

Edmonton Hoarding Coalition

Donation Drop off Centre for the Little Warriors

Edmonton & Area Past Chapter Chair 

Professional Organizers in Canada

Past Organizing Coach for Fabulous @50 Edmonton

Empowering Seniors to Create Safer

Communities Initiative Volunteer

Founder the Senior Solutions Team

Co-Founder Alberta Business Community Connectors

Professional Speaking

  1. The Struggles of Downsizing:

    • "Simplifying Space: Navigating the Challenges of Downsizing"

  2. Home Organizing:

    • "Harmonized Living: The Art of Organizing Your Home"

  3. Hoarding Disorder:

    • "Beyond Clutter: Understanding and Addressing Hoarding Disorder"

  4. Taming Your Home Office:

    • "Workspace Zen: Strategies for Mastering Home Office Organization"

  5. Printed Photos:

    • "Cherished Memories: Preserving Life’s Moments in Print"

  6. Creating a Photo Collection:

    • "Pictorial Legacy: Crafting Your Personal Photo Collection"

  7. What to do with Your Inherited Photos:

    • "Heirloom Memories: Honoring and Organizing Inherited Photos"

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