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Welcome to the home of
Your Organized Friends. 
Professional Organizers and Declutterers serving
Edmonton, St. Albert and  Capital area.


Our you overwhelmed by the clutter in your home?  Your Organized Friends was founded by Karen Murdock who grew up in a chronically disorganized home. 

Discover how we can transform your space
with minimal effort on your part.

Our streamlined process, created especially for busy professionals and overwhelmed individuals,  ensures your home or office is organized efficiently and to your satisfaction:

1. Assessment: We begin by understanding your objectives for the space and how you intend to use the items within it. Your involvement: 15 minutes.


2. Sorting: Our team meticulously removes items from every corner of the area, categorizing them to streamline the following steps. Your involvement: None—relax while we handle the details!

3. Editing: Together, we review each item. You decide its fate: keep, donate, or dispose. Your involvement: 1-2 hours.

4. Re-Homing: After developing an organizational plan, we seek your approval. Once confirmed, we arrange the items you've chosen to keep in a manner that makes them easy to access, use, and maintain. Your involvement: 15 minutes.

In a typical 6-hour session, your active participation would be required for approximately 1-2 hours. This allows you to engage significantly in the process without it becoming overwhelming.

An Organized Kitchen

Our Professional Organizing Services Include:

  • Home Offices - Including Papers

  • Room by Room Organizing

  • Home Organizing

  • Office Organizing

  • File Systems Set-Up

  • Decluttering Services

  • Coaching & Decluttering for Hoarding Disorder

  • Donation and Resale Assistance

  • Specialty and Senior Move Assistance

  •  Asset Dispersal of Estates

  • Time Management Coaching


Winner of the

Entrepreneur of the Year

SuPearlative Awards

Visit Our
Media Page

Where you will find more information
about Karen Murdock the original
Your Organized Friend and owner of
Your Organized Friends. We are proud to be 
professional organizers in the Edmonton
and bring a wealth of life experience,
speaking experiences, and hands on
experience as have helped
100s of Albertans to improve their
quality of life through organization.

l Organizers  providing organizing services in Edmonton, St. Albert, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, Leduc areas. 

We also do road trips to Calgary and Medicine Hat
to provide organizing services.

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     The peace of mind that comes from expertly decluttered and organized personal spaces is truly transformative. Giving you the gift of time. Time for priorities and stress free living.  If you have ever said you can't have any one over because of clutter that is going change. 


     Imagine stepping into a room in your home where every item has its place, where the chaos of clutter is replaced by serene order and harmony. While this isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating a sanctuary that nurtures your well-being and productivity improving your overall life how your space looks affects all your senses.


     When your environment is meticulously organized by professionals, it's as if a weight is lifted from your shoulders. You're no longer bogged down by the mental clutter that mirrors the physical clutter.


      Instead, you find clarity and calmness in your thoughts, making room for creativity and peace. A meticulously curated space becomes a foundation for living more efficiently, reducing stress, and enhancing your quality of life. It's not just about organizing your surroundings; it's about reorganizing your life around what truly matters, fostering a sense of tranquility and empowerment in every moment spent within your rejuvenated spaces

Your Organized Friends are specialists trained in home organizing serving Edmonton, St. Albert and area.

Our Your Organized Friends Team

Founded in 2013 as Your Organized Friend, our company quickly rose to prominence as the preferred home organization service in the capital area. Starting in Edmonton, we expanded our reach across Alberta, helping more clients reclaim their spaces and their lives. Karen Murdock was the original visionary behind Your Organized Friend. Sandra Griff joined shortly thereafter, rapidly ascending to the role of Lead Organizer. Joclyn Gosselin followed, bringing her distinct flair as our second Lead Organizer. Our teams are exceptional, each member bringing a unique skill set to declutter and organize homes, all while helping you regain valuable time to focus on your priorities.

Our team members each hold a specialty in home organizing and decluttering. Sandra excels in overseeing major purges and facilitating the emptying of homes, whether for moving families or managing estates. Joclyn is adept at achieving the Pinterest Perfect aesthetic, creating practical systems and routines tailored to families with young children. Karen provides specialized coaching for individuals dealing with chronic clutter or hoarding disorders and develops filing systems that serve both personal and small business needs. Continuously involved, Karen maintains close relationships with all our clients, overseeing projects and facilitating connections with other necessary professionals.

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Start the Conversation On Your Home Organizing Needs

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We decided long ago we would not share photos of our clients homes in either a before or after photo. 

We believe in the privacy and confidentiality of our client's lives and continue to maintain that policy.

“We can't believe the difference you made in our home office.
Creating new more efficient zones and helping us improve our routines. Thanks from both of us”

The Matthews

"Our family is grateful for your support and services as we transitioned our mother to assisted living.
Keeping us up to date through out the entire process helped relieve our stress tremendously. "

Elizabeth L.   

"Your services to get my home organized and living in my new home made the process painless.

Looking forward to working with you to downsize my office and go digital."

Alison M.

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